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Salon Career Path: Family Values
Salon Career Path: Family Values


Elite Stylist, Brooksville, FL

Years with Ulta Beauty: 3

Career journey: After 13 years of doing hair and working at small salons doing haircuts for less than $10, I never thought that after just three years with Ulta I would grow to being an Elite stylist averaging almost $2,800 per week.

I had been in a challenging personal situation, but my first few months surrounded by generous, independent Ulta leaders, I knew I could work hard, be a strong single mother and did not have to accept a life of anxiety.

I was promoted to Salon Manager and was able to save money, buy a home, build security.  As the salon and team grew, I realized my own book was overwhelmed, and I was missing my daughter. I made the executive decision to step down from management. Ulta leadership was supportive and by working smart, I met a challenge to level jump to Master Stylist to increase income. Later, as family expenses went up again, thankfully there was more great Ulta training as part of our new services program, and I soon earned a promotion all the way to Elite.

I am proud to be a provider and role model to my daughter. I showed her that being a salon professional is more than cutting hair and making tips, it’s a world of opportunity to grow and prove you can succeed in anything you love to do.

If it wasn’t for Ulta’s support and what the company has offered me, I would never be where I am. I am thankful for people at Ulta who held my hand and motivated me to keep fighting. I now have savings, a 401k and benefits for my daughter and me.

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