Before: Triangular side sections tend to be finer, shorter and more damaged.

After: L.A....

Before: Triangular side sections tend to be finer, shorter and more damaged.

After: L.A. stylist Beau Dieda has a foolproof strategy to fix the Bermuda Triangle. Hair: @beausef

Every stylist has spotted a Bermuda Triangle on a client’s head. It’s the triangular section on each side where the hair is always finer, sparser and slower to grow. It’s prone to breakage and damage because it takes the brunt of styling, it’s the holding spot for your client’s glasses, it’s where she shoves her hands to pull her hair away from her face. “Unfortunately,” says Los Angeles stylist Beau Dieda @beausef, “all of those actions lead to more damage and breakage.” But Beau knows there’s a solution.

The Southern California “hair whisperer” locates lost fullness and length in the Bermuda Triangle with a few strategically placed hair extensions in those side panels. His extensions of choice are Keratips from The Hair Shop. “Keratip is my go-to because they feel natural to the client when they’re in place,” Beau explains. “I can get dimension and fullness exactly where I need them because the bond is so discreet and lightweight. They’re super secure--they’ll last 10 to 12 weeks as long as they’re cared for. And once they’re in, the client can do anything she wants—shampooing, heat styling, etc.”

Beau’s strategy involves ordering the exact color match from The Hair Shop (he says they can match every customer perfectly) and placing about one bundle of Keratips (35 to a bundle) per side. He arranges the Keratips on an angle for the most natural appearance. “The Keratip is placed over a strand of natural hair, the keratin protein bond is heated with The Hair Shop’s Pro Fusion Tool and then the Keratip envelops the hair, allowing it to heal and grow,” Beau explains. He recommends charging $4 to $8 per extension, depending on market location.

A major plus of the Keratip product, according to Beau, is the ease of removal. He explains, “You simply apply their D-Bond Gel remover solution, tap the bond with the Pro Opener remover tool and they slide right off without disturbing or damaging the hair underneath.”

Keratips can also be used for length and fullness anywhere on the head. Beau also likes to use them to create “highlights” without the need for chemical services. “They’re great for adding caramel highlights to dark hair or putting in pops of pink or purple for festivals,” he says. “You can get any shade the client wants without having to bleach out the hair.”


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