The Hot Tools Black Gold One Step Blowout will make you a hero for blow-dry challenged clients.

The Hot Tools Black Gold One Step Blowout will make you a hero for blow-dry challenged clients.

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The Hot Tools Black Gold One Step Blowout will make you a hero for blow-dry challenged clients.

The Hot Tools Black Gold One Step Blowout will make you a hero for blow-dry challenged clients.

Stylists hear it all the time. “I wish I could do my hair like you do it in the salon!” Kim Bruce @themisfitblonde certainly hears it often enough and, she laughs, she’s not even great at doing her own blowouts! So, when she discovered the new Hot Tools Black Gold One Step Blowout tool, she was eager to give it a whirl!

Watch Kim and her Hot Tools Black Gold One Step Blowout in action.


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The verdict? “I love it!” says Kim. “It’s such an easy, all-in-one tool. If a client isn’t great at blowouts, it’s so easy to use. She doesn’t have to juggle a brush and a blow dryer. And it gets hair so smooth, you don’t have to go over it again with an iron.”

While there are other all-in-one stylers on the market, Kim feels the HOT Black Gold professional version is superior. It features high quality materials like nano titanium and ceramic to help hair glide smoothly without snagging; a unique vented bristle design that grips hair firmly and a patented feature called Refresh3Max™ Activated Charcoal that coats the bristles, keeping them smooth and clean.

“It produces lift at the base, smooths each section and bends the ends,” says Kim. “I find it provides volume for fine hair and smooths coarse, thicker hair. It’s even effective for straightening curly hair. The double bristle construction is brilliant—it’s able to grab and hold even shorter layers, but the hair also glides through easily. I tell my clients it’s lighter than their hairdryers, and when they travel they only need to bring one tool instead of a dryer and a bunch of brushes!”

Clients are always more satisfied with retail purchases when they’re educated on usage, so Kim provides One Step Blowout customers with the following how-to-use tips:

  • Air dry hair for as long as possible to reduce excess moisture. Try to wait until hair is at least 85 percent dry before using the tool.
  • Before drying, detangle damp hair thoroughly with a comb or detangling brush.
  • As this is a smooth blowout, prep damp hair with a smoothing product.
  • Section as you would with a blow dryer. Lift and secure all the hair above the center of the ears, leaving a section below the nape. Then subdivide the bottom. Work up the head and around to the sides, section by section, finishing at the top. 
  • Work in relatively small sections (the smaller the section, the tighter the curl.) Take your time and make sure every section is completely dry, otherwise you’ll get frizz, dents and bumps and the blowout won’t last as long.
  • For maximum volume, place bristles as close to the scalp as possible, then lift or over-direct the section using lots of tension. On top, lift the sections straight up and pull upward as you dry.
  • To “set” the bend at the end, hold the section in the brush for a few extra seconds.
  • Roll each section in and out of the tool a few times to lock out frizz.
  • The tool has two settings—slow, fast and cool. Use the cool setting to “set” the style. After finishing a few sections, go back over each one with the brush set on “cool.”
  • For more control, use two hands. Grab the knob at the end of the brush and use it to balance and turn the brush. It won’t burn your fingers because it doesn’t get hot.
  • When doing the sides, if the brush feels too hot on the ear, place a hand over the ear.

“This tool produces amazing shine,” Kim adds. “I even use it on clients in the salon—I can do a full head of long hair in less than 25 minutes. It also might help new stylists or assistants who aren’t yet fully comfortable doing blowouts. It truly does it all!”

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