And six hours later... Hair by @beauty_bykylinn 

And six hours later...

Hair by @beauty_bykylinn

Corrective color is no joke. @beauty_bykylinn works at the Salon at Ulta Beauty in Harrisburg, PA, and she shares some straight talk about the struggle it can be to remove layers of fashion tones…and then gives us direction for getting it done.

“Fashion colors stain the cuticle of the hair and will probably leave you with an uneven canvas to work with; that’s when you have to pull out your color wheel and work some magic to give your client a stylish and realistic color for their first session!” she explains. “This was 6 HOURS of nonstop grinding.”


Step 1: Cut 8 inches of the length to remove battered ends.

Step 2: Light shampoo, Malibu C Professional CPR for 45 minutes under heat, followed by 3 vigorous shampoos.

Step 3: Malibu C Professional DDL with 20 vol processed at room temperature for 30 minutes and shampooed. “At this step, we still had a bit of color, but it was more pastel and easier to work with.”

Step 4: A more structured haircut with layering to see how much green would be removed. “It removed a lot off of the bottom, but there was still some greenish tones hiding in the salmon pink and yellow throughout the whole head.”

Step 5: Root smudge with Kevin Murphy ColorMe 6.0 + 7.0 + SOFT.VIOLET + 3.5 vol CREAM.ACTIVATOR, alternated diagonal sliced of above-mentioned color as well as 8.2 + SOFT.VIOLET + 3.5 vol CREAM.ACTIVATOR (to soften the yellow to a more neutral medium blonde) processes at room temp for 20 min followed by FINISHING.REGIMEN.

Step 6: Upon shampooing, some of that green was shining through 😨 so we did an overlay of Kevin Murphy ColorMe LILAC + ROSE toners for 10 minutes. This neutralized the green and gave a soft blush tone! 😍

Step 7: Last minute tweaks with the cut and blow dry. Styled with 3/4 iron, EASY.RIDER, and DOO.OVER.



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