Create a Mosaic Watercolor Effect with Rusk Deepshine Color
Create a Mosaic Watercolor Effect with Rusk Deepshine Color

Mosaic Watercolor created by Hana Norris using Rusk Deepshine Hair Color in pink, purple and teal.

Formula & Application
Formula 1:
Rusk Deepshine Brite white with 20-volume developer in a 1:2 ratio
Formula 2: Rusk Deepshine color gloss 9A with Gloss activator 1:1 ratio
Formula 3: Rusk Deepshine Direct Pink, Purple and Teal
Formula 4: Rusk Deepshine Gloss Clear with Gloss activator 1:1 ratio

STEP 1: On this natural level-6 client create a halo parting. Secure section to keep work area below neat.
STEP 2: Drop the hairline out at the nape, and create a 1-inch subsection working with a zigzag parting in the interior of the hair.
STEP 3: Pre-lighten with Formula 1. “I use a feathering technique within the foils to gently blend the natural hair at the new growth to the pre-lightened hair,” Norris says.   STEP 4: Cleanse and condition hair with RUSK PureMix Native Fig normalizing system, then tone with Formula 2.
STEP 5: Dry hair thoroughly and apply Formula 3 direct dyes to pre-lightened hair alternating foils and using custom blends. Combine purple and pink in some areas for extra contrast.
STEP 6: Rinse and apply Formula 4 as an all-over gloss finish for light reflection and color retention.

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