This sweet apricot finish created by @pipsqueekinsaigon using Evo Fab Pro direct dyes in orange and red.

Formula & Application
Formula 1: Evo Fab Pro 100 g CO + 8 g orange + 4 g red
Formula 2: Add 16 g orange + 8 g red + 56 g conditioner to 200ml conditioner base. Shake well

STEP 1: Shampoo, towel dry and detangle hair.
STEP 2: Apply Formula 1 all over and process 5-15 minutes depending on hair condition and desired color intensity.
STEP 3: Rinse until water runs clear.
STEP 4: Advise client to use the customized color maintenance conditioner (Formula 2) at least once a week to maintain color and keep hair in optimum condition between salon visits.

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