For this mermaid hair transformation, Bruce used two packs of color 60 in 22-24 inches and one...

For this mermaid hair transformation, Bruce used two packs of color 60 in 22-24 inches and one pack of color 60 in 18-20 inches.


This hair is what dreams are made of. Blonding specialist Kim Bruce knows a thing or two about creating swoon-worthy hair. The Massachusetts-based stylist shares her stunning transformations on her @themisfitblonde Instagram page, which has more than 100,000 followers fawning over her work. 

When a recent client came to Bruce looking to achieve her dream hair, Bruce turned to Hotheads Extensions to make an impact. The result? Total mermaid hair.

Manufactured with high-quality, human remy hair with the cuticle intact, Hotheads Extensions can be reapplied up to three times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application.

"Hotheads extensions blend so well," Bruce says. "I'm able to give my clients the hair of their dreams quickly and know the quality will still be there when they come in to have them moved up."

In this video, Bruce demos her application process:


Prepping for Extensions:

Bruce began this look by toning her client's ends for 5 minutes on damp hair using this formula: Kadus Professional 10CeV & 10p 7 vol. She then shampooed and applied a deep conditioner before puting her client under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes. While her client was under the dryer, Bruce gave the extensions from Hotheads a “purple bath” by filling the shampoo bowl with water and adding a few squirts of purple shampoo. She then dipped the extentions in the bath a few times to tone them to a more icy blonde. Once her client and the extensions were both 100% dried, she began her application.   

For this look, Bruce used two packs of 22-24 inch in color 60 and one pack of 18-20 inches in color 60.

Extension Application:

  • Starting an inch above the hairline, Bruce applied a row of two, sandwiching two of her 22-24".  
  • About an inch above that, she applied a row of three, sandwiching two 22-24” together.
  • About another inch above that she applied a row of four, sandwiching together two 22-24”. 
  • Right below the occipital bone is where Bruce began her fourth row. She applied a row of five sandwiching together a 18-20” on top of a 22-24” for rows four and five.
  • For her sixth row  she applied a row of four sandwiching together two 18-20”. PRO TIP: This helps blend in her natural hair and creates a soft layered look. Make sure to stay a good inch below her whirl on top of her head so the extensions won't show through.
  • On the sides, she started an inch from the hairline (above and to the side) so the client can put her hair up or tuck it behind her ear without extensions showing. She applied a row of two 22-24” sandwiched together.  
  • Above that she applied a single 22-24” sandwich and bricklayed between the two below it.  Above the single she applied a row of two, sandwiching a 18-20” over a 22-24”.
  • She next repeated the same pattern on the other side.
  • When she was done, she used my remaining 18-20” (3 sandwiches) to fill in any area that needed more hair. 
  • She razored her front angle to blend in her natural hair to the extension hair.
  • Finished by curling with 1 1/4" marcel iron and a light-hold hairspray. 

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