Not all parts are created equal—so why always cut with a center part in mind? We learn in beauty school all about quadrants and symmetry, but if your client wears her hair with a side part, balance needs to be taken into consideration to avoid asymmetry and excess weight.

One of our industry's most respected cutting educators, DJ Muldoon, recently created this tutorial showcasing how to balance a side parting on a layered bob. Muldoon, a former top Sassoon educator known for creating hair cutting systems and curriculums, emphasizes that, when cutting a side part, the top can’t be cut even across.

“What tends to happen is hairdressers cut the length even across the round of the head, blow dry it, and then take the excess weight out very loosely later,” he says. “It’s a quick fix, but doesn’t have longevity. This technique is a more technical way of balancing a side part.”

In the video here, Muldoon shows how to create symmetry and properly balance a side part. For more from Muldoon, check out his educational offerings--both video and in person.


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