The JCarlos Hair Revolution speaks the language of beauty.  Founder Juan Carlos Pimentel (or JCarlos) is uniting hairdressers across the language divide. His facility in both English and Spanish is helping drive engagement and of growth on his channels and brands have noticed. It is also driving up skills in this sector.

“It all started on social,” he explains. “I’d do Live videos, and often, I’d find myself responding in English to questions and comments written in English, and in Spanish for those in Spanish. I realized there was a real hunger for this multi-lingual approach, so now I try to answer in the language of whoever has posted, with Live or as I reply when browsing later. I try to be as inclusive as possible.”

 Ambassador for Sustain Beauty Co, representing ECOHEADS products, and Malibu C,  JCarlos was born Juan Carlos Pimentel in Mexico and first came to America as a teen in the early 2000s to follow his dream of becoming a stylist and achieve a better life, becoming a citizen in his 20s. In 2013 he discovered Instagram and began to post his work regularly. By 2017, he was starting to attract attention, with one post in December of that year garnering 12.2k engagements. Requests for onsite education led to more travel, and this, combined with a desire to become more accessible to training opportunities, encouraged him to leave his salon and set up a suite.

Links to key brands followed those with Sustain Beauty Co and Malibu C. He now works with Olaplex, Trionics and Nutrapel, traveling across North and South America representing them all and delivering his unique education. Upcoming appearances include Hawaii, Texas and San Francisco. Alongside his company – JCarlos Hair Revolution – set up to consolidate his teachings, he is pushing forward a new movement – Artistas a La Obra [Artists at Work] – to help drive excellence within the Spanish-speaking community. And as if he wasn’t busy enough, as well as a suite in Illinois, he has a second one in California.  

“It is amazing to have the support of these amazing brands, because not only do I get to travel and meet hairdressers in person, they also help me deliver the best service possible,” he says. “For instance, I don’t have an assistant with me, as I’m in so many different places all the time. But I have Panchito, my ECOHEADS Ping, with me to guarantee the perfect mix quickly. That’s important, especially when I’m on air,’ he adds. ‘But so is the opportunity to educate others and be connected to so many in the industry. The online beauty community is incredible and I love being part of it.”



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