Tia Lambourn (@tialambourn_hair), owner of Bay Studios in Derby, United Kingdom, says this transformation took almost six hours. “This client is a regular of mine but had to go elsewhere as she forgot to book an appointment with me. She was telling me that she realized her color hadn’t lifted properly during that service. I knew we had to get her lighter and brighter again.”

Hair color makeover by Tia Lambourn

Hair color makeover by Tia Lambourn

Here Lambourn shares the details for the makeover:

Step 1: Take very fine sections and paint on the lightener around ½ inch away from her scalp. Every second section sandwich the foils along the top. “I prefer starting at the back so it’s easy to remove the lightener while the front is still developing. “  (Color used: Schwarzkopf BlondMe 2% + 6% on the mid band. 

Step 2: Lift the mid band to an even level 9. With a fresh bowl and same strength of lightener, apply color to the roots. “The heat of her head meant we only had to wait around 30 minutes before her roots matched the mid-band.” Rinse the front once processed to desired lift (approximately 20 minutes.)

Step 3: At the shampoo bowl apply Schwarzkopf Step 2 Keratin BlondMe treatment and mask. Process for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Tone with Wella Professionals Illumina 8/69 10/69 10/1 9/60 (15g + 15g + 15g + 10g) with the Pastel developer. Appy to the roots and mids. Process for five minutes and then pull through to the ends. Process for an additional 10 minutes. Rinse.

Step 5: Blowdry using the Olaplex 6 + 7 and an Ibiza Hair Tools B7 Brush. Smooth with a GHD straightener and finish with Olaplex Oil. 

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