There are many options to make alternative hair look seamless, and that is unique to each guest in your chair. Whether extensions, wigs or a system best fit the bill, Frank Campanella, HairUWear designer and wig and system specialists gives some things to consider:

  1. Wigs should be low density, lace front.
  2. Heat-friendly fibers have a duller finish that mimic natural hair.
  3. Human hair gives options of coloring hair with a natural sheen.
  4. Does hair look too shiny right out of the packaging? Usually this isn’t because of the fiber, it’s because of the factory spray. One quick shampoo or rinse will take that right out.
  5. Hair replacement systems are custom made and blend seamlessly into hair.

For any alternative option, remind your client that you are the expert, and you will know what will work best for their lifestyle,wants and current situation.

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