This Tool Will Give Your Curly Clients a Smooth Blowout


Colorado-based stylist Amy Baugh has clients with a variety of textures sit in her chair, and on days when they're looking to switch up their natural style for a smoother look, Baugh is there to assist them.

What used to be an arm-straining and time-consuming task has now been dramtically changed for Baugh and her clients, thanks to Hot Tools Professional's new One Step Blowout tool. 

The tool features a black gold styling surface that combines Nano Titanium ceramic with Refresh3 Max Activated Charcoal, which allows hair to glide smoothly and distribute heat evenly. The brand’s signature Micro-Shine finish is corrosion-resistant to minimize friction and help reduce damage to hair.

With a threespeed setting and unique vent pattern, the brush increases efficiency.

“This tool smooths and reduces my drying time,” Baugh says. “If anything helps to save me time, I’m here for it.”

In this video, Baugh demos how she uses the One Step Blowout to deliver smooth results:





  • Baugh begins by making sure to towel-dry her client and uses a blow dry spray to protect the hair and speed up dry time.
  • She then rough dries the hair until it is about 70% dry.
  • After that, she takes small sections, (about an inch or and inch and a half thick,) starting in the back, and, with as much tension as possible, dries/smoothes out the hair by using a rolling motion with the tool.
  • PRO TIP: "I like to flip the hair back and forth with the tool on the top of the section and then underneath, so I’m hitting all possible hair and speeding drying time. When I get to the front, I pull the hair forward at the root and flip my wrist back so the ends have a nice direction to them, giving that perfect, voluminous blowout finish."

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