Daisy Goord (@daisy_goord), based at March Hair, Plymouth, United Kingdom, startles us on a regular basis with her amazing makeovers and beautiful finishes. This correction caught our eye because we see it as a fairly common salon challenge. “My client came to me with an overgrown ombré that was colored over a year ago,” Goord says. “She was left with some banding and a solid block of warm bleached ends.” Yes, a color correction, but these “after” results are simply breathtaking and deserve a round of applause.

Makeover by Daisy Goord.

Makeover by Daisy Goord.

Here Goord shares the details for the new look (Olaplex added to formulas):

STEP 1: Babylight and foilyage throughout, with heavy backcombing to leave a natural root, using Wella Blondor (6% developer, dropping to 4% on previously bleached ends.)

STEP 2: Go between foils and freehand balayage using Wella Freelights with 9% developer. Incubate in foil for maximum lift and process to a pale yellow. Remove foils and rinse.

STEP 3: At the shampoo bowl shadow root with Wella Color Touch - 7/1 30g + 5g 5/1 + 1.9% and then tone the mids and lengths with Wella Illumina 10/93 + 10/69 + 1.9%.

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