Renowned editorial and celebrity stylist Giannandrea Marongiu, who has worked with A-list celebs...

Renowned editorial and celebrity stylist Giannandrea Marongiu, who has worked with A-list celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Karlie Kloss and Cameron Diaz, has a reputation for discovering and then celebrating what’s unique in every woman. 

Because his celebrity work takes him all over the world, Giannandrea sees trends emerging before most, and he’s a careful observer of what young people are doing. Here are trends he is predicting for 2020. 


“Hair is moving in a stronger, more decisive direction,” Giannandrea says, who gave Kristin Stewart her edgy short haircut two years ago. “All the cool girls are chopping their hair off. There’s something about the #MeToo movement that has empowered women to speak up for themselves. In a way, it’s given them permission to be themselves.”


“The lob is very much back in action, but it’s razored out and very edgy,” he says. Recently Giannandrea cut actress Sharon Stone’s hair for the November cover of Allure. “It’s a bit shorter than a traditional lob, but it’s very razored out with a lot of texture.”


“Waves have always been around but with different variations,” he says. “Now with social media, hairdressers are able to access a lot more education, and they’re getting better at doing them. It’s a very feminine look.” What’s new for 2020, he says, is that we’ll be seeing a lot of rainbow-bright colors playing up those waves.


Another trend he sees for 2020 is one that never really goes out of style. “It’s all about volume, even in a simple blowout,” he says. “Every girl wants a bit of volume at the crown.” His go-to product for pumping up the volume is MOP Lemongrass Volume Whip. “It lets me create moveable volume with medium hold.”

Giannandrea has also perfected his application techniques. “You have to do a visual and tactile analysis of the hair texture first; you don’t just slap the product on. Before I even pick up the product, I’m touching the hair, playing with it, in order to decide what I want to accomplish. It’s like I’m constructing the hairstyle with the products I’ll need as I go along.”


So what’s out for 2020? “Braids are over,” he says.


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