Understanding the basic, foundational skills upon which all other hair design is built allows a stylist the confidence to move beyond—into detailing, texturizing, and –in this video from the Artistic Team at Toni&Guy—personalizing a cut.  Here are short snippets (pun intended) of different cutting techniques being demonstrated by the Toni&Guy artists, including CEO Zak Mascolo. You will see a little bit of Brick Cutting,Twist Cutting, Razor Cutting, along with

Deep Parallel Point Cutting

Point cutting is a technique performed on the ends of the hair using the tips, or points, of the shears. Basically, you are cutting points into the hair. This can be done on wet or dry hair. A more vertical angle of the shears removes less hair and the more diagonal the angle of the shears, the more hair is taken away and the chunkier the effect.

Slide Cutting

Slide cutting is a method of cutting or thinning the hair in which the fingers and shears glide along the edge of the hair to remove length. It is useful for removing length, blending shorter lengths to longer lengths, and texturizing. Slide cutting is a perfect way to layer very long hair and keep weight at the perimeter. Rather than opening and closing the shears, you keep them partially open as you slide along the edge of the section. This technique should only be performed on wet hair with very sharp shears.

Channel Cutting

Channel cutting is a hair thinning technique used to remove density and add texture to thick hair by cutting “channels” at the roots parallel to the direction the hair will be styled.

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