Hair professionals have the insider track on getting maximum shine out of hair, but clients are mystified when it comes to adding reflection. A common client request is to learn how-to makes the hair look shiny and healthy between salon visits.

MODERN reached out to Eva Scrivo, owner of the Eva Scrivo Salons and Eva Scrivo Academy in NYC. “Shiny hair seems like a simple thing in the professional world yet in reality, it’s quite elusive,” Scrivo says. “Clients are on a forever search for the right product but in truth we all know the essence to shine is a smooth cuticle, one that is healthy and not destroyed by the coloring process.”

Getting HIGH SHINE on processed hair! Hair by Eva Scrivo.

Getting HIGH SHINE on processed hair! Hair by Eva Scrivo.

Here Scrivo shares three tips for professionals to help give hair maximum shine:

  1. OVER PROCESSING: Keep notes and track your timing, especially when using bleach. Why open up foils every 10 minutes to check hair health when you’ve been seeing her for years. Keep track of when your clients reach the desired 8 or 9 level. Minutes matter. 
  2. SILICONE BASED PRODUCTS:  We all know by now this is temporary, but so does your client! Once you get rid of silicone on the hair you will be amazed at how healthy the hair looks and feels. Less coating, more reflection. 
  3. DRY THE HAIR – AND THEN DO IT AGAIN: Nothing can capture the natural luminosity of hair like a professional blowout - the “holy grail” of all hair styling. Take a second round once the hair is dry and take time to polish it. Fine tune your work and slow down. Quoting designer Charles Eames, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

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