Dried by Dyson: An iron-free finish on MODERN SALON's Editor in Chief Alison Alhamed. 

Dried by Dyson: An iron-free finish on MODERN SALON's Editor in Chief Alison Alhamed.

When Dyson first announced the launch of its Supersonic Pro hair dryer, there were several reasons why I knew I had to get my hands on it:

1: Cool factor: I love innovation and I have such respect for the reimagination of the design of everyday items we use. Dyson completely changed the vacuum and fan game—if even one ounce of that innovation was put into their hair dryer I knew it would be a can’t-miss for me.

2: The weight: My biggest complaint with other dryers I’ve used in the past is the weight. My wrist actually hurts after a full precision blow dry, so I typically just rough dry my hair and then use styling irons to smooth it and style it. At less than 2 pounds, the Supersonic Pro dryer eliminates the weight and wrist strain issue, and allows for more precise styling, reducing the need for thermal tools and unnecessary heat on my lightened strands.

3: I happen to be a huge Jen Atkin fan. I’ve been following her celebrity styling for at least a decade and I’m likely a good fit for whatever she’s obsessed with—from Door Dash, to Diet Coke, and Dyson, sign me up (learn more about why you should be keeping up with this mega hair boss here).

So when Dyson sent me its Supersonic Pro to give it a whirl for a review, I was beyond excited. In fact, it was one of the few tools I’ve brought home where my husband wanted to take a look at it. He picked it up and studied it, looking at all the attachments and commenting on how cool it looks.

Dried by Dyson: An iron-free finish on MODERN SALON's Editor in Chief Alison Alhamed, thanks to...

Dried by Dyson: An iron-free finish on MODERN SALON's Editor in Chief Alison Alhamed, thanks to the Supersonic Pro hair dryer.

It came time to try it out.

The first thing I did was try out the magnetic attachments. I gravitated toward the smoothing nozzle, and the satisfying “click” as it secures to the dryer. The smoothing nozzle has a micro slit that compress the air flow for precision styling. It’s not credit card thin, but it’s not far off.

As I used the dryer, I could see how any of my frizzies that usually need to be smoothed later with an iron were blown in the exact direction I aimed the nozzle. And the magnetic attachment allowed me to reposition the air flow using my brush—traditionally I would have had to turn off my dryer and deal with a super-hot attachment to remove it and reposition it on the nozzle.

That brings me to the actual heat settings of the hair dryer. With four heat settings (ranging from 82 degrees for constant cold, to 140 degrees for cooler drying and diffusing, to 176 degrees for regular drying and all the way up to 212 degrees for fast drying), they’re placed right on the nozzle, eliminating possibility for accidental button pressing because it’s not on the handle.

The dryer feels great in the hand. Not too heavy, and not leaning in one specific direction, the weight feels like it’s evenly distributed. When I spoke with Dyson National Education Manager Todd Tinnel he shared that the motor in the handle means stylists don’t have to raise their arm as high over the client’s head so there isn’t as much resistance on their shoulder. WIN.

The filter: this is a unique area where there’s a lot of buzz when the dryer launched. The filter is located at base of the handle where the air intake to the machine is. And it’s removable and washable.

When we hosted a class with salon owner and Dyson educator Jon Reyman, there was a lot of questions from the audience about the dryer’s filter. Since the Supersonic Pro is engineered differently than a traditional hair dryer, there was a lot of dialogue specific to the care of it. It is unbelievably easy to clean the filter—you pop off the filter cover to clean it, and pop it right back on. But it is a learning curve. Luckily, Dyson created tutorials like the one below. After a quick watch, it's pretty simple to figure it out.

I travel quite a bit for work, and waiting for my baggage to arrive at baggage claim takes time that I frankly don’t have. So when I pack for a trip I’m usually cramming everything I need into a carry-on. But I can authentically say that having experienced the Dyson Supersonic Pro, hotel dryers are a thing of the past. This tool is coming with me—even if it means at the sacrifice of an extra pair of shoes.


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