Having the right tools of the trade as a stylist is vital. To be successful in the salon, stylists need tools that will give them the look their client desires in a timely manner. Raleigh, North Carolina-based stylist Amanda Kimball is known for her styling work and precision cuts. To achieve a picture-perfect finish, Kimball says she’s found Jatai’s Feather Styling Razor is making a huge impact on her styles.

“What I love most about the razor is the creative freedom it brings me,” Kimball says. “I can remove bulk, add texture and add volume all in one stroke.”

Kimball says the razor is a game-changer for her because she can achieve precision without using a straight blade.

“The blade leaves the ends of the hair smooth and clean,” she says. “It’s my go-to razor.”


The Feather Black Styling Razor uses three different types of blades: the Feather Standard Blades, Feather R-Type Standard Blades and Feather Texturizing Blades.

For stylists like Kimball, the razor is made to give them control. The blade fits snug into the handle and does not chatter or move when cutting. The blade itself is sharp, but the patented blade guard makes it safe for stylists and clients.


Get That Neckline @modernsalon @jataifeather I’m not trained in using a straight blade to clean up the neckline. So I just use my @jataifeather razor. I also use my Jatai Blade Glide Plus. It’s an innovative silky smooth lotion that instantly helps shears and razors glide smoothly through your hair and on the skin! It smooths and detangles hair, acts as a leave-in conditioner, equalizes hair porosity, moisturizes the skin and hair, and extends the life of the blade. It makes shaving easier by moisturizing the skin like a silky lotion. It keeps hair wetter than plain water and helps hair retain moisture! It also has a great scent. This is a must-have product for any stylist and barber making your job easier and more efficient! Blade Glide Plus comes in an 8oz. bottle and contains Provitamin B5, purified water and cationic conditioners to give a smooth shave and haircut. #ad #ArtistConnectiveXJatai #artistconnective #jataifeather #modernsalon #razorcuts #razorhaircut #razorhaircutting #bobhaircut #bobhairstyles

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Tips for Razor Cutting:

  1. Provide a thorough consultation to see if the hair type can be cut using a razor.
  2. Ask the customer how they feel about you using a razor. “Some clients are nervous about a razor,” Kimball says. “It’s up to stylists to discuss the features and benefits of a razor. Some clients think a razor destroys the ends. It’s up to professionals to properly educate them on how we as stylists prevent that. Explain that you use a new blade on each client and how you actually cut the hair strands.”
  3. It’s all about how you hold the razor. “I can hold it in a way and cut the hair to flip under and hold it another way to cut the hair and have the hair flip out,” she says. “Education is the key to designing your cuts.”

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