Before and after. This brass-busting tonal correction was achieved with Biolage Color, a new...

Before and after. This brass-busting tonal correction was achieved with Biolage Color, a new plant-based, natural formula.

Another makeover! Create dimensional tonal results using Biolage Color and provide a natural...

Another makeover! Create dimensional tonal results using Biolage Color and provide a natural upgrade for balayage services. 

The buzz is building about Biolage Color, a new, plant-based range of hues that are super gentle for hair yet as effective as any no-lift color, producing shine and sophisticated color. According to Robert Santana @rsantana1, owner of Elements Salon in Brooklyn, Biolage Color offers a beautiful solution for colorists who want to provide health- and beauty-conscious clients with a natural alternative. The proof is in the results, and these makeovers show how well Biolage Color performs.

Makeover 1: Natural Brassy Color Correction

Like many brunette clients, this hair color has gone “off,” with too much inconsistency and unwanted warmth. Biolage Color expert Alfredo Lewis @alfredo_lewis created a Biolage Color formula combining equal parts Clove Brown, Carob Brown and Plum Steel with boiling water (that’s right—no developer needed!) to restore this color. “Normally I would have to do a filler first or the result would be muddy,"  Lewis says.  "With this color I don’t have to fill, and I usually hit my target with one application.” Watch the entire process.

Makeover 2: Natural Three-Dimensionsal Balayage

The right toning strategy really seals the balayage deal—it adds shine, vibrancy and dimension. Here, Lewis uses two natural, neutral Biolage Color toning shades—Oat Beige and Cashew Beige—to create a three-dimensional balayage service with high-impact face-frame accents.

What You Need to Know About Biolage Color
No doubt you have questions about Biolage Color. Need-to-know details include:

  • Biolage Color’s no-lift formulas perform like traditional color.
  • The formulas are ammonia- and gluten-free and 100% vegan.
  • The natural ingredients in each shade are henna, cassia, coconut oil and direct dyes.
  • The henna is “clean henna,” which is free of metals and salts, and easy to lift out with lightener or color remover.
  • Biolage Color is activated with warm water instead of developer, making it a luxurious-feeling service in the salon.
  • Because it contains only healthy ingredients, Biolage Color also treats hair as it deposits, leaving it shiny, soft and damage-free.
  • Use Biolage Color as a toner, as a filler, for dye backs, for gray blending, for color melting, for lowlights and for glossing. It’s an ideal, low-impact formula for clients with textured hair and Santana calls it the best “gateway” color for clients beginning to explore their hair color options.
  • After the color service, rinse the color at the bowl and apply Biolage RAW Color Care Acidic Milk Rinse to offer natural pH rebalancing. Allow the product to sit for five minutes, then rinse and style.
  • Home care is everything, so be sure to send clients home with your recommended Biolage care and styling products to protect their hair color service.
  • Note that even if you are working with light toning shades, Biolage Color will have an earthy tone. Don’t worry! You’re end result will be achieved.
  • Results will fade on tone after 20 shampoos or  more.

Mixing Biolage Hair Color is easy. Here’s how:


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