“I met this client through my little sister,” says Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt), a colorist at Kevin & Co., Danville, Illinois. “She’s so edgy. We always rotate between a fun vivid and platinum. I hadn’t seen her for a while because of budget reasons - which is always understandable to me. I never get disappointed if a client tries somebody else out. That’s the fun in being a hairdresser! We always get to take on new projects and clients and a lot of us in the salon do each other’s clients all the time.” 


When she went to a different salon, Schmidt’s client had a bad reaction to the bleach used on her scalp. “It had to be rinsed off earlier than needed, before it completely processed,” Schmidt adds. “But I always say the integrity of the hair is the most important thing. So, the right decision was made.”

For this correction Schmidt started off as she always do with my color services, using a TIGI Copyright clarifying shampoo. “It lathers really well and cleanses the scalp to perfection.” After towel drying the hair, Schmidt go busy with the color:

STEP 1: Begin the in the nape at the orange band. Apply Oligopro Blacklight Cool toned lightener with 10 volume developer. Process for around 20 minutes, lifting to level 8/9. Shampoo.

STEP 2:  Return to the same band and apply Oligopro Blacklight Cool toned lightener with 15 volume developer. Process for another 20 minutes, lifting the band to an even level 10. Shampoo with TIGI Copyright Repair shampoo, followed by a TIGI SOS treatment. Dry the hair.

STEP 3: Gloss starting at the roots with Oligopro Calura gloss with 30 grams of 9/12 and 10 grams of 9/66 with 7 volume cream developer. From the mids to ends gloss with 40 grams of 10/36 with 7 volume cream developer. Comb through to blend and process for 15 minutes. Do not shampoo, but condition with TIGI repair conditioner.



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