Teasylights! Ouch! Get through it in 5 easy steps.

Teasylights! Ouch! Get through it in 5 easy steps.

Teasylights – so hot right now. This simple technique prevents any line of demarcation and can be used with balayage or foil highlights. It involves teasing or backcombing the hair up to the root before applying lightener. This way the color is not deposited in a straight line, resulting in a natural root shadow and a more forgiving grow-out.

Mickey Colon, Truss International Artist, is a master at teasylights, using the technique on most of his clients. Colon warns that the comb-out begins before any color application. “It’s important you don’t pack the hair to the root as you are prepping for color,” Colon says. “If it’s too tight, it will be challenging to release the knots. Battling those knots will hurt the client and possible damage the hair.”

Colon gently backcombs the hair to the root before applying lightener. Gently is the key word. Basically, superficial strands are softly pushed to the scalp area in a delicate dance along the top of the section to prep the section. Colon then applies lightener in classic a balayage sweep. Once processed, the hair is rinsed and the comb out begins.

“Knots do happen,” Colon says. “Even with the best prep, the hair may tangle!” Here Colon shares his 5 tips for removing any stubborn tangles:

  1. Take fine sections, no more than two inches wide. Take your time. “Do not rush it by taking large sections!!”
  2. Gently break the tease with your hands first.
  3. Apply Truss Deluxe Prime Miracle Spray Leave-In treatment from mid-shaft to ends.
  4. Use the right tool – a brush designed for wet hair.
  5. Start at the ends and work up. Do not go through the entire section. Go “in and out” continuing to spray more of the treatment if needed. “I call it slip and slide through the section.”

Check out this video and watch Colon as he breaks through wet teasylight hair:


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