Versatile and always on trend, textured bobs are hotter than ever. It's the finishing that can alter the look from edgy to chic, and can be made to work for just about any and every client.

Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, shares a new way to create a highly textured bob with lots of movement. “This design has lean sides and the weight at the top gives it the illusion of tons of fullness,” Carruthers says, recommending starting with a Sam Villa Signature Series Razor, adding, "It has an ergonomic swivel handle and three blade types for all cutting technique. Always start with a fresh sharp razor for best results."

In-Depth: Cutting a Razored Bob
In-Depth: Cutting a Razored Bob

Tips for Cutting a Razored Bob

  • Start with a strong foundational breakdown. Find the area between the sides and top, the vertical transition, and part it off. Then, section the horizontal transition between the back and sides of the head where it changes in that corner.
  • Start the vertical section in the center back elevated about 90º to the head shape.
  • When working in front of the horizontal transition, elevate the bottom area slightly to introduce extra length in the perimeter. This will also prevent those unwanted holes that sometimes appear with changes in the hairline.
  • When working, slightly overdirect back to build length toward the front.
  • Top – change into horizontal sections with 90º elevation for the first section, then elevate just above 90º in relationship to the wall.
  • After drying, a Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear and/or Artist Series 6" Slide Cutting Shear can be used to create even more separation, texture and movement.

This in-depth tutorial takes stylists step-by-step through the cut, dry, refinement and styling:

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