Teased highlighting (teasy-lights) has become one of the most popular coloring services in the salon. This technique allows for seamless melts and avoiding harsh lines of demarcation.


How to do it without causing lots of pain and aggravation when it comes to combing OUT those wet teased sections????

MODERN caught up with Mickey Colon (mickeycolonjr), Truss Professional International Educator, color expert and salon owner, who shares his tips on making that comb-out easy, pointing out that the it all begins in the beginning. “It really has to do with prep,” Colon says. “You can’t pack that hair as if you are doing an updo. It must be a gentle backcombing, gently pushing the top strands up toward the root. The goal is to create beautiful color with as little drama as possible.”


Colon’s secret weapon in the comb-out is Truss Deluxe Prime Miracle

  1. Once rinsed, towel dry. Take fine sections and gnetly break apart the teased area with your hands. You can’t do this quickly. 
  2. Spray Deluxe Prime Miracle in the teased area.
  3. Brush or comb vertically. Hold your brush on the side and gently slide down to the ends. (“I call it the slip and slide technique.”)
  4. Go in and out and in and out to move the hair softly, working from the ends to the root.
  5. Use the right tool to comb out. If using a brush, make sure it is designed for WET HAIR.

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