Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt) of Kevin and Co, Danville, IL, says her first time client came as a referral from another client (always good news!) “She always went to someone professional since a lot of her family members are cosmetologists, so, of course, pressure on.  We started with over an inch of outgrowth, and about a 2-3 inch band of faded red. The rest of her ends melted into a lighter red brown and yellow damaged ends.” The goal: a smokey slate.

Makeover by Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt)

Makeover by Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt)

Here Schmidt shares the details for the makeover:

STEP 1: Platinum Card! Every piece of hair is put into foil, leaving the outgrowth without lightener. Color used: Oligopro Cool Toned lightener with 10 volume in the back sections and 15 volume in the two side panels in the front. Lift to a level 8 and remove foils.

STEP 2: Apply Oligopro Cool Toned lightener with 20 volume at her scalp and pull through to the ends to re-saturate her hair. Lift to a clean level 10 and then do a TIGI Copyright SOS Treatment. 

STEP 3: Pre-tone using Fanola No Yellow purple shampoo. Do not condition.

STEP 4:  Tone. To the base apply TIGI Copyright 1/2 of 9/21 1/8 of 7/2 1/8 of 8/08 and 1/4 of 4/88 with 5 volume. Through the ends apply TIGI copyright 1/2 of 10/28 1/4 of 10/08 1/4 of 10/02 and 2 drops of 2/0 with 5 volume. Do not shampoo, but rinse and condition the hair with Olaplex.

STEP 5: Finish with TIGI Headrush before adding waves to her hair, using IGK Texture Spray. 

Color by Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt)

Color by Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt)

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