Amy Koepke (@amy_amaryllis) of Salon Amaryllis, Lincoln, NE., says her new client came in "hating where her hair was at. It was way warmer  and darker than she wanted and there were a couple of different bands throughout. Our goal was to get her in a cooler lighter place with the time we had while maintaining the integrity of her hair. We also wanted to create a more even palette for going blonder at next session."

Makeover by Amy Koepke

Makeover by Amy Koepke

Here Koepke shares the details for the new look using all Lakme color:

Session one - Goal: First lightening session to blend banding and achieve an overall cooler result):

Within teasylight foils:

30g K.Blonde 

60g 20vol

Root/ends (outside foil - Lakme Gloss)

35g 7/61

5g 8/17

80g 6 vol

Process 30 minutes

Toner overlay (Lakme Gloss)

25g 10/20

5g 9/00

60g 6 volume

Process 10 minutes

Color by Amy Koepke after the first session.

Color by Amy Koepke after the first session.

Session Two - Goal - BLONDE!:

Full head teasylights in foil

30g Kblonde Powder lightner

60g Hydrox 20 volume

10ml IPlex 

Process for 40 minutes

Toner (Lakme Gloss Demi)

27g 10/20

3g 9/60

60g 6 volume

Process 10  minutes

Color by Amy Koepke

Color by Amy Koepke

Color by Amy Koepke after two sessions.

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