PRAVANA introduces an all-new additive option to expand stylists’ color palettes with the launch of VIVIDS Clear-Dilute. The latest addition to the collection allows colorists to lighten their VIVIDS shades without sacrificing vibrant tonality. 

Clear-Dilute lightens tones but still maintains the vibrancy of the existing VIVIDS shades its mixed with. It differs from PRAVANA’s existing VIVIDS Clear (known as VIVIDS Clear-Pastel moving forward) because VIVIDS Clear-Pastel creates more muted, pastel tones. Think water (VIVIDS Clear-Dilute) versus milk (VIVIDS Clear-Pastel)! Check out Kayla Boyer’s photo above where she shows the difference between mixing VIVIDS Clear-Dilute (right) and VIVIDS Clear-Pastel (left) with her favorite VIVIDS formulas to create this gorgeous half-and-half look! 

HOW TO USE: Begin with VIVIDS Clear-Dilute and add drops of desired VIVIDS shades to create custom formulas. Apply on dry, clean hair and process for 20-30 minutes. Rinse in cold water, dry and style as desired.


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