“This client found me on Instagram through another stylist friend of hers,” says Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt) of Kevin and Co, Danville, IL. “She came all the way from Seattle, so of course it’s exciting. I love meeting people from all over.” It had been 9 months since Schmidt last saw this client. “Our original plan was to just bring her blonde back up and to go brighter. As you can see we ended up with something a bit more fun!”


Here Schmidt shares the details for the transformation:

STEP 1: Babylight the top of a featured “V” shape or “/“ shaped slice which was placed directly on top of a teasylight section to tip out the ends. Apply Oligopro Blacklight Cool Toned lightener. Start with 10 volume in the back and work towards 30 volume in the front. Process and then shampoo with TIGI Copyright Repair Shampoo a TIGI SOS treatment.

STEP 2: Pre-tone with Fanola Vegan No Yellow shampoo.

STEP 3: Gloss base with Oligopro Calura Gloss equal parts 6 neutral and 6/1 with 7 volume cream developer. Gloss ends with Oligopro Calura gloss 27 grams of 10/12 27 grams of 9/66 3 grams of 3 neutral 3 grams of 3/6 with 7 volume lotion developer. Rinse and condition with TIGI Copyright Repair Conditioner.

STEP 4:  Apply Olaplex number 6 and 7 and style with Oligopro Texture Spray.


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