“It’s rare I get a new client come to me that wants to step away from platinum but for the health of her hair, it was 100% the right decision,” says Daisy Goord (@daisy_goord), based at March Hair, Plymouth, United Kingdom.

Color correction by Daisy Goord

Color correction by Daisy Goord

“Her hair had been through a lot - bleached four times in one week and colored purple multiple times.” 

Goord and her client looked at photos together and decided because she is naturally very light she should stay blonde - just a more natural version. “We opted for a shadow root and a warmer vanilla blonde but keeping a money piece up front so she still felt like a blonde babe when it’s toned back.”

Here Goord shares the details for the new look (Olaplex used in every step):

STEP 1: Weave through some darker babylights scattered all over “as I knew just toning it down wouldn’t give enough dimension.” FORMULA: Wella Koleston 7/0 + 7/3 + 6volume. "Her hair was so porous I knew the 7 would come up more like an 8.” Process and rinse.

STEP 2:  Shadow root at the bowl using Wella Color Touch 7/0 + 6 volume.

STEP 3: Tone using Wella Koleston 8/3 + 8/97 + 6 volume. 

Adds Goord, “We were both over the moon with the results, she even nearly cried!”

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