Eva Scrivo styling on location in New York.

Eva Scrivo styling on location in New York.

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Eva Scrivo styling on location in New York.

Eva Scrivo styling on location in New York.

"Learning is a career-long process," says Eva Scrivo, balayage expert, salon owner, educator, Master Colorist and author. "When you stop learning, you stop caring."

Scrivo says it is important for hair professionals to continually hone their skills and stay current in their techniques and aesthetic. "This is one of the few industries that requires a license but not advanced education," she says. "Architects, real estate brokers, and doctors, all must complete a certain number of hours of advanced education throughout their careers to maintain their licenses."

Scrivo believes that salon professionals should address advanced education in a more organized way, by attending at least one hands-on workshop or training each year. "This workshop should challenge and inspire," she says, "and should add value to you, your salon and your client."

Here Scrivo offers her TOP SIX TIPS on getting the most out of advanced education:

ONE: Attend workshops or classes in a different city.  "Stimulate yourself by getting out of your comfort zone. While there, make sure to reserve a few hours or even a full day to visit museums and galleries."

TWO:  READ, READ, READ. In addition to reading MODERN, Scrivo suggests every salon professional should devour beauty publications and sites to keep on top of the latest trends and techniques. "You want to make sure you are ahead of your client and that you can guide her. This IS the softer side of advanced education."

THREE:  Keep a mannequin head available for constant skill update. "When you see something you like, test it out on the mannequin head BEFORE testing it out on a client!"

FOUR: Make sure your client knows you have gone for advanced education. "It's a great idea to frame and post your certificate or diploma near your station. It allows your client to feel she  can grow with you and offers her a sense of security knowing you are on top of your game."

FIVE: Use social media to your advantage. "Take pictures of yourself while attending and working at any event and post on your own plaforms/sites and the salon website. Again, this lets your client know you are out there working on your skills."

SIX: Send the image and short release to your local media. "This is a great way to let them know you are keeping abreast of advanced education. You never know...they may share it with their audience."

Scrivo, founder of the Eva Scrivo Academy, holds Master Balayage and the art of haircolor classes at her salon in NYC.  Scrivo is the head instructor offering an intimate and hands-on session, practicing balayage techniques and discussing advanced color methodology and salon success strategies. For more information, go to www.EvaScrivo.com

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