“This woman has been a client of mine for a few years now, but the last time she needed to get in with me, our schedules weren’t matching up,” says Ashlie Marmo (@ashytones), of Easton, Pennsylvania. “She tried someone new and as you can see in the before picture, she had a lot going on. There was brass and bands of color, as well as a root shadow that I assume was done with permanent color and dragged down way too far. My job at this appointment was to even all of this out and bring her back to a nice, bright blonde.”


Here Marmo shares the details for this correction:

STEP 1: Apply Joico Blonde Life and 20 volume placed in full packed foil highlights. Process, rinse and towel dry. 

STEP 2: Root tap using Redken Shades EQ 8n, 8na, 8v, blended with a Wow Comb. Apply to the hairline last to keep it bright around her face.

STEP 3: Tone using Redken Shades EQ 10vv, 9v, 9p, 9gb and clear. Process for 10 minutes. 

STEP 4: Blow dry and style with a Dyson blow dryer and Mint Tools XL 1 inch curling iron. 


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