Genbook Launches #SpreadLoveInstead, a Campaign to Generate Income for Service-Based Small...
Genbook Launches #SpreadLoveInstead, a Campaign to Generate Income for Service-Based Small...

As the world continues to curb the spread of COVID-19, some of the businesses that have been hit the hardest are the ones in the beauty, wellness, and personal care sector. To alleviate the stress brought about by the coronavirus, Genbook, a leading cloud-based software for service-based businesses, is launching #SpreadLoveInstead, a campaign designed to help small businesses generate income during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here’s how it works:

Genbook will boost referrals and awareness for its business directory, which gets upwards of 1 million monthly client visitors. From there, the company will encourage clients to support their favorite Genbook businesses by purchasing gift certificates that they can use at a later time.

The process of buying gift certificates is quick and seamless and can be done right on Genbook’s platform. All clients have to do is visit or the Genbook Directory app, search for their favorite Genbook business, then make a purchase or donation to their business of choice.

Genbook’s #SpreadLoveInstead is designed to stimulate the economy and encourage the public to spend money on the businesses they love.

“We know that barbershops, salons, and spas are some of the businesses that have been severely affected by this pandemic, and we want to help them generate income in an organic and sustainable way,” said Philipp Liver, CEO at Genbook.

Liver explained that while the market cuts costs or engages in price wars, Genbook’s aim is to remain stable and reliable during the pandemic and after.

“Genbook answers to our customers, and our customers only. There are no hidden surprises with Genbook. We’ll remain strong during this crisis and long after,” he added.

Liver reiterated his company’s devotion to service-based entrepreneurs. “Genbook is also a small business, so we can understand what our customers are going through. This is our way of showing that we’re here for Genbookers — both in good times and during tough periods like the one we’re going through right now.”

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