Shannon Demont practices her photography skills during this time.

Shannon Demont practices her photography skills during this time.

Despite being faced with difficult, stressful times, these stylists share how they are being productive and checking off tasks on their to-do list at home.  

1. Testing out new recipes. "I have been in the kitchen a lot. Since thebalayageboy is unemployed, thebakerboy has stepped forward! I've made bread, some pies, cookies, and I think I'll cook something this afternoon." -Brendan Buoni, @thebalayageboy

2. Building a personal brand and skillset. "I’ve been indulging in all of the Instagram live free education, olaplex education...The majority of my time is being spent working on my online hair photography course, and marketing." -Shannon Marie Demont, @daymakerschair

3. Hitting reset. "I am allowing myself to rest. Actually rest. It’s been a great opportunity to sit down and 'find myself' again, if you will." -Haley Garber, @beautybyhaleygarber

4. Updating software and spaces. "I’m switching management programs and organizing client info, along with renovating my new studio space."-Krystle Waivio, @krystlewaiviohair

5. Making money in new ways. "I’m on a mission to enable any hairdresser to create codes with salon professional product companies to make money. This benefits both the client and the stylist. By using codes we (the hairstylist) get credit, you (the client and company) save and it’s easy as it ships straight from the company which will help put a stop to diversion! A week ago I knew of a hand full of companies allowing hairstylists to independently have codes to sale direct. Today that list has grown to over 14 because I proactively reached out to them to ask for help."-Michele Pritchard, @michelepritchardhair

6. Focusing on self care, and the well-being of staff. "My team and I have been doing Zoom to talk about our goals while we are off, and just checking in on each other’s mental health. I’m also doing yoga, breathing techniques and meditation to help keep me focused. I’m trying to see the silver lining that even though we are off and away from pay, this is a great opportunity to take time for ourselves. We, as pros in this industry, are always so focused oh how others look and feel. Always asking about their day, what’s new in their life, not to mention taking extra clients before/after work or during lunch so that they know they are a priority. It’s time for us to feel a priority. So although this time away is challenging for many reasons, I want to embrace as much good I can from this and put myself first for a change."-Caidy Brasure, @caidy_caidymariebeauty

7. Getting organized. "I’m on a mission on organizing my life! Unplugging way more than usual and organizing my home and business."-Aly Davis, @alydavishair

8. Creating online education. "I launched my online school. Offering my signature braid class for free until April 1. Finishing the editing of the next 2 classes that will launch."-Alison Valsamis, @braidedandblonde

9. Creating content. "I’ve asked brands to send me products, I have a few coming that I plan to demonstrate on mannequins for my followers. I’ve also done tutorials live on how I curl, how I do my eyebrows, how I do my natural curls."-Britny Naté Bassett, @hairbybritny

10. Helping the community. "This week my mom and I have been making masks for our local hospitals as they are low on sewn masks! Anything to help in this time of need!"-Dawn Atkinson, @hairartistrybydawn

11. Practicing new tricks and techniques. "I ordered a couple mannequins when I knew we were going to not be leaving the house. I’ve been working on styling, styling tutorials, coloring. All that fun stuff! Pushing myself to become better or try something I haven’t! Or just haven’t had the time for." -Hannah Menor, @hannahdisconnected

12. Taking advantage of free education. "I’ve been using this time to practice styles. Plus the amount of free education online now has been super helpful!"-Caralee Pridemore, @caraleestyles

13. Staying present. "I’m spending time actually doing things I like, such as reading, catching up on shows I like, working out and meditating every single day! I’m practicing being so present that I don’t even think about tomorrow, or worry about the future."-Erin Mills, @erin.mills

14. Exercising and playing. "I’ve been exercising to burn some energy, and getting the girls outside to finger paint on the drive way every chance I can get! Thankful for some sunny days here."-Kayla Nelson, @kaylaannehair

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