Become a Brow Expert in Quarantine
Become a Brow Expert in Quarantine

At-home practice tips from Cosmetic Alchemy's brow genius, Diana Menendez. Keeping routines is an important part of our new normal, and that means sometimes practicing on yourself when you have to! Check out what advice Menendez has for professionals: 

Diana Menendez, Accentuated by Diana:

  • What You Need to Do:
    • Start on yourself first and stay with your routines for hair and self care! Not only will it help everything feel a little more “normal,” (whatever that means now), it will force you to maintain the health of your brows. When you wake up, brush your brows with a spoolie to help feel groomed - maybe even put in a little brow gel to hold some style throughout your day. You can continue tweezing the hairs that annoy you in between your brows and using a conditioning product in the evenings to keep the hair soft. 
  • What You Can Do:
    • Use this time as an opportunity to check out new products. I'm taking this extended break to focus on long-term use products that give brows that “glow up” effect so it’s the perfect chance to use lash and brow serums you've maybe had your eye on! So many of my clients have thinning / sparse brows that could benefit from some time away from the salon to focus on regrowth and the health of the brows in general. I always recommend LiBrow ($90 for 3 month supply) to my clients - it works amazing and really nourishes the follicle so the brow doesn’t just appear thicker - it also looks healthier in general. Now that you have the time - find out how well these products work for yourself!
      • Side note: SO many clients come in with the totally wrong brow shape for their face - by taking the time to put down their tweezers and put on a growth serum, you are giving us a chance to reassess the shape and find the perfect style for you! 
  • What You Definitely Shouldn’t Do:
    • Don't overdo it! Practicing brow treatments on yourself and your loved ones in quarantine can go too far very quickly, so practice discipline and use this time to work on technique but just be patient and don't overdo it! 

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