While COVID-19 forced many salon closures, states are beginning to reopen and salons are preparing to welcome back clients, safely and effectively.  Knowing that reopening protocol will include time-consuming sanitation preparation,  tools that that can improve efficiency and stress, moving forward, will be welcome. 

To optimize time and resources, salons may want to consider using smart chatbots, easy-to-use software that conducts conversations with clients through text messages. This technology has become increasingly affordable and provides enhanced flexibility for salons. The use of smart chatbots to create time-saving processes around scheduling appointments can improve efficiency, customer service and stress, moving forward. The benefits of these chatbots are numerous, from helping grow your business to increasing the customer experience for your clients.

Get time back to focus on your business

For Square sellers, 57% of appointments are booked outside business hours. With round the clock scheduling, chatbots give salons the time they need to focus on growing their business without being tied to their phone. These chatbots can respond directly to customers so you won’t need to worry about constantly managing inquiries, since customers no longer need to reach out to you directly for scheduling.

Many of these chatbots can also sync right to your calendar in real time so you never miss a booking. It’s like having your own personal assistant that can communicate with clients instantly and efficiently, without ever missing a beat.

Reduce no-shows and retain customers

It can be incredibly frustrating when clients don’t show up for their appointments. Not only does it cost your salon money, but can potentially affect other clients who wanted to be seen but were unable to get a booking. To solve this, chatbots can remind your customers of their appointments. You can set reminder schedules, for example, reminding clients right when they book and then sending an automatic message 24 hours before their scheduled appointment.

This feature helps reduce no-shows to ensure appointments stay on the books to maximize business operations. On top of this, chatbots can also assist in filling empty client slots to prevent cancellations. Once a slot opens up, your calendar can be notified and then your salon can work to book an existing client or maybe a new client for their first appointment!

Boosting customer experience

Customers want to receive quick and efficient communication around their latest visits, and also want to feel like their salon is there every step of the way. Top of the line chatbots can confirm, cancel, or schedule appointments without the need for any additional communication. Receiving quick responses regarding their upcoming appointment can make clients feel valued and ensure they become a repeat customer by minimizing their wait time to hear back.

Since chatbots are available around the clock, when you’re at home, the software can effectively streamline customer communications. Chatbots also provide a consistently friendly voice, with the ability to customize messages so customers feel appreciated.

Avoid manual work and mistakes

Manually keeping a calendar of appointments and bookings is bound to lead to mistakes. Your employees might book two clients for the same time, or simply forget to write down a booking amid the shuffle of the busy day. Any of these mistakes can lead to frustrated clients who might not be able to be seen, and could ultimately decide to take their business elsewhere.

On the other hand, chatbots make it easy to schedule appointments in the background so that you and your staff won’t even remember that it’s happening. Your calendar will be reflected with all your appointments so you can take more time to focus on what’s important: running your business.

Whether its customers that need to confirm, cancel, or change their appointment, this smart technology will be there to support you and your clients every step of the way. Chatbots not only make a lasting impression on your customers from their simple and easy communication, but give you peace of mind knowing your customers are being taken care of and acknowledged during any time of the day. 

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