This Sunday, May 17, 2020, industry icon Sam Villa is bringing friends together for a 12-hour LIVE education and hours of inspiration. The Socialathon is a fundraising event for stylists struggling as a result of COVID-19 and will benefit the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund.  Stylists are encouraged to register at samvilla.com/socialathonConsumers can support too by donating.

Villa, recognized for his stellar talent, his compelling stage presentations, and his business-building education, is the Redken Global Artistic Ambassador, and co-founder of the Sam Villa line of tools. He also received the  NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award, an honor bestowed on persons who will leave a lasting impact on their industry through their example and their actions. 


In a new interview with MODERN, Villa emphasizes that during the COVID-19 crisis we, as an industry, need to come together, break down the walls, and unite instead of divide.  In a recent social post, where he mentioned the idea of creating color kits for clients, Villa says he was lambasted.  “I said, hold on people, time out. There are some of your colleagues out there who need to make money so they can put some food on their tables."  With Socialathon, Villa is taking action to help his fellow stylists. It is a brand neutral event; stylists may be ambassadors for different pro beauty companies but they are coming together under one heading—"hairdresser.”  

Other soundbites from the interview:

  • “We have to be willing and open to change. My hope through this whole thing is that when we come out on the other side of this wall that there are no borders. No borders between employees, employers, independents, renters, session artists, educators, platform artists—no, we’re all hairdressers.”
  •  “Right now there is a wall in front of us.  We’re trying to figure out how to get over it, how to get under it, but my question to you is-- what kind of person are you going to come out as on the other side?”
  • “I’ve put my reset button. I’m going to be a different educator when I get out there, again.”
  • “This time has created a sense of awakening. I’ve discovered I’ve taken so many things for granted.” 


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