Name the most alluring woman in history.

Cleopatra, right?

And what was her beauty-signature?

That mesmerizing winged eyeliner, long before Sophia Loren, Rita Moreno or Amy Winehouse.

Now, Iranian-born beauty innovator Lida Djarar Fischer, CEO of Lyda Beauty, just made it so much simpler to achieve your Queen of the Nile vibe, just by using her Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp®.

Her brand is one of the first Halal Certified American beauty brands, currently developing products which are not only Halal but also paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan.


Wait, what’s “Halal”?

You may notice the word “Halal” written over storefronts in your city, and these probably refer to butcher-shops and food markets catering to the Muslim community.

It means “permissible or lawful”, according to the Qur’an.

In this context, the term requires that animals used for food are raised and slaughtered in a humane manner, as indicated by Muslim practice.

Pigs and pork products are always Haram (forbidden), and in order to prevent other foods from becoming Haram, no Halal foods may be raised or processed in the vicinity of pigs or pork products.


But I’m not Muslim…

Lyda Beauty’s Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is ideal for anyone who’s ever struggled with a liquid product and a wobbly brush, and ended up looking more like a panda who lost a prizefight than a sultry heartbreaker.

The double-tipped wand is made with the diamond-shaped stamp at one end, and a fine marker-tip at the other end. The wand has a large platform bottom, so it stands upright.

“Halal”, as it applies to cosmetics, means products that have been manufactured, produced and composed of ingredients permissible under Islamic Sharia law.

But let’s take a step back… way back.


Before there was Islam, there was Cleopatra.

Ancient Egyptian manuscripts tell us that the eye-makeup worn daily by both men and women was believed to protect the wearer from an array of common illnesses.

Outlining the eye in black and green invoked the powers of the sun-god Ra and sky-god Horus—the latter falcon-headed deity often symbolized in hieroglyphics by the “udjat” or eye-shaped icon/amulet.

In 2010, researchers from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris determined that Cleopatra’s legendary come-hither look had health benefits as well as religious significance, according to National Geographic.

Their studies confirm that the cosmetics in Cleopatra’s makeup bag would boost the body’s production of nitric oxide by 240%.

Nitric oxide stimulates the immune system. So, Cleo’s awesome eyeliner would have helped to prevent eye infections including conjunctivitis, common along the Nile’s tropical marshes.

Darkening and elongating the lashes with kohl also kept dust and debris from irritating the eyes.


Why it’s relevant right now:

Lyda Beauty’s stamp, which creates a perfect wing in two seconds, continues this ritual beauty legacy dating from 69-30 B.C.E. Alexandria.

It’s not only glamorous and gorgeous; it’s safer and healthier than the eyeliner most of the world uses today.

“Abiding by Halal standards means that on top of all the FDA regulations, there are fewer toxins, no pork, no alcohol or insects used in our formulas,” she comments.

Consumers who are unfamiliar with the practice of Halal may simply buy Lyda Beauty products (and more are in the works) for instant, easy glamour.

And that’s fine for now, though Lida says the journey has just begun.

She is currently working on a new line of packaging that will help reduce plastic waste.

Her mission: to improve global health and safety standards for cosmetics to protect consumers everywhere, of all cultures and faiths.

Recognizing the need for a broader spectrum of representation, Lida says, “We celebrate and support women across all boundaries, and lovingly acknowledge that we are stronger together.”

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