Get Out the Vote with ERGO: Register to Vote, Get 25% Off
Get Out the Vote with ERGO: Register to Vote, Get 25% Off

No matter your political party affiliation, the makers of ERGO professional tools for stylists are encouraging you to get out the vote and participate. 

"At ERGO, we believe that America is great because it’s future is shaped by its citizens," says Robert Reed, founder and owner. "We encourage voting to raise the voice of the professional salon industry, so when salon professionals send in their proof of voting registration, we will be sending them a 25% off discount code for any ERGO purchase. We launched this promotion September 29 and will continue this offer through November 3."

To help eliminate any hesitation of submitting their proof or registration, ERGO will be offering:

1. A link to either confirm their registration or how to register in their respective state

2. A link to request a vote by mail ballot

3. Instructions about how to obscure their party affiliation before submitting their proof of registration.

GO HERE for links to either register to vote or provide confirmation of their voter registration to earn the 25% discount on any ERGO styling tool.




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