Vera Oh and Joseph Choi

Vera Oh and Joseph Choi

VOESH, a vegan skincare brand formed in 2012 by Vera Oh and Joseph Choi, is known for their popular salon and spa favorite, the patented, all-inclusive, easy-to-use Mani in a Box and Pedi in a Box.

Recently, Oh and Joseph launched a new probiotic skincare brand, glowoasis from VOESH, which uses liposome technology. NAILS asked them to share the "why" behind this new line:


Hear from the Creators: VOESH Launches Probiotic Skincare Brand, glowoasis
Hear from the Creators: VOESH Launches Probiotic Skincare Brand, glowoasis

NAILS: Please share a bit about your beauty beginnings.

VOESH: Joseph and I worked together at a successful electronics company. Joseph was managing the overseas manufacturing and I was leading the digital accessory division. Within five years, that division made $55 million in revenue.

Together, by applying what we had learned from the world of consumer electronics, we started our journey in the beauty industry. It was not easy because we had no experience or connections, but we wanted to follow our passions and challenge ourselves.

In 2012, we created a unique skincare company that prides itself on using 100% vegan, clean, and effective ingredients. The starting line was our single-use hand and foot care products using vegan ingredients.  At the time, our concept was very new and didn’t exist in the market.

We utilized all of the resources we had to educate people about the endless benefits of our innovative, single-use spa products. Luckily, we were able to find the right partners and distributors who trusted us and our vision of these products to promote them to the right audience. Fast-forward to today and VOESH has been granted three utility patents and now services more than 30 countries all over the world.

NAILS: Talk about VOESH—how it was launched, meaning of the name, hero products, and more!

VOESH:We came up with the name VOESH by combining both of our names to be fresh and original. The basic principle behind the brand is to create a hygienic, easy, luxurious modern spa experience for all.

Our hero products are our patented Mani in a Box and Pedi in a Box spa systems, which provide pre-packaged products for a single-use manicure or pedicure service at a salon, at home, or anywhere in between.

After many visits to different nail salons for our own manicures and pedicures, we recognized that there was a demand for a cleaner, safer spa experience. Our Mani in a Box and Pedi in a Box kits allow salon professionals to offer hygienic services without sharing products among clients. These kits also make it easy for everyone to do foot care at home with high-quality, nourishing ingredients.

Salon professionals and customers also love our collagen gloves and socks because they can wear them while receiving their spa treatment for the ultimate pampering.

NAILS:How did you develop glowoasis?

VOESH: After we gained some experience in the professional beauty realm, we knew we wanted to expand our clean and 100% vegan skincare to an everyday facial skincare line focusing on skin health. With all of the well-known health benefits of probiotics for skin, we took our time and effort to develop our very own 100% vegan probiotics.

It all started from a dinner one day at a Korean restaurant. Kimchi is a popular side dish in Korea that is made with napa cabbage. Kimchi is known for being packed with healthy probiotics from its fermentation process. We sourced the best napa cabbage from the highest mountains in Korea and sent it to a lab to develop our signature 100% vegan probiotics for our new skincare line. Our vegan probiotics, and other good-for-skin ingredients, are the foundation of glowoasis.

NAILS:Why did you think it was a good time to launch a skincare line?

VOESH: We’ve been developing the glowoasis vegan skincare line for more than two years, and this collection means a lot to us. We believe that skin health is just as important as overall health. We were originally going to launch several months ago, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, we put everything on hold. Now more than ever, we want to help people feel good from the inside out. After many discussions with our teams and partners, we decided to launch the line to provide healthy skincare options to people who want to focus on their own skin health and face every day with confidence.

We’re here to put the care in skincare.

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