With all the cooking, decorating, and gift-wrapping people need to do around the holidays, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is their hair. This year, get inspired by festive hair looks from Matrix artists, including a swoon-worthy pony and effortless soft curls. Just WOW.

Bouncy Half-Up Pony


Products needed: Miracle Creator Multi-Benefit Leave In Spray, Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray, High Amplify Proforma Hairspray


  • Blow dry hair with Miracle Creator Multi Benefit Spray. Section hair from ear to ear and secure. Next, take a section from behind the ear, across to the other side and secure with an elastic, creating a ponytail.
  • Unclip the front section and spray with High Amplify Proforma Hairspray to create volume. Next, gather into a ponytail and place over the first ponytail to create a waterfall effect.
  • Take a small section from underneath the ponytail and spray High Amplify Proforma Hairspray to keep smooth. Wrap around ponytail and pin into place to hide elastic. To create beachy waves, use a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron on the mid-lengths and ends.
  • To create texture and movement, spray the ponytail using Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray.
  • Pro Hack: For prolonged volume and a textured look, use Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray, dries instantly and adds a matte finish.

Artists behind the look: hair by Selina McManus (Matrix Artistic Educator Work @_beautynative), makeup by Keli Hampton (@kelijenee) and photography by Kola Shobo (@ksjpix).

Elongated & Soft Curls


Products needed: Curl Please Super Defrizzer, Curl Please Contouring Lotion


  • On wet hair, apply Curl Please Contouring Lotion to provide lightweight moisture.
  • Next, apply Curl Defrizzer Gel in small sections, holding the section at the base and twist/twirl to define and distribute evenly. Repeat this throughout whole head.
  • Using a diffuser, dry curls until completely dry.
  • Once hair is dry, add a cute headband & pin curls by locking pins in an ‘x’ formation.
  • Pro Hack: Cocktailing Curl Please Contouring Lotion and Curl Please Super DefrizzerGel together allows for supreme hold without leaving hair feeling dry or crunchy.

Artists behind the look: hair by Krystal McLeod (Matrix Artistic Educator, @beautyby.krys)  makeup by Kristen Gallo (@kristengallo) and photography by McLeod and Gallo.

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