After having just worn long, mermaid locks at the People’s Choice Awards, Demi Lovato revealed a dramatic new look last week when she debuted an edgy blonde undercut.

The statement style was executed by Lovato’s longtime hairstylist Amber Maynard Bolt, who tells MODERN SALON that the singer has been wanting to make this epic transformation for a long time. “It’s a perfect time to do it,” says Bolt. “Demi is releasing new music and really coming into herself. A lot of the inspiration for this look was actually just based on how she feels.”

The look is obviously a significant departure from the Lovato’s signature jet-black hair, but Bolt notes that she’s been through many lengths and styles over the year. “The big changes you’ve seen on Demi the last 10 years have all been by me. I’m not a stranger to change with her.”


For the cut, Bolt says she sectioned out right at the lower parietal ridge and shaved everything beneath. This keeps the style diverse and adds movement, so Lovato can wear her hair pulled over, hawked out, or as an exaggerated bob.


Bolt is a big fan of low-tox color. The stylist had been making changes in her personal life and switching to products that are better for you, with intentional ingredients and environmentally sound. She thought, “If I’m doing this in my own life, why am I not doing this in the salon world?”

“I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years, and I personally decided to make a change because I started feeling sick at the end of my days,” explains Bolt. “I started noticing more and more clients becoming allergic to color. During quarantine I had a big epiphany that I needed to make some changes.”

Lovato was a starting level 3. On Instagram, Bolt shared her formula to craft this iconic blonde: “Here is my formula breakdown using my absolute favorite @alfaparfusa low-tox + vegan Colorwear!”

  • Back to Back foiling using @alfaparfusa BB 7 w/20 v( 2xs)
  • Shampooed using @pureology Strength Cure Blonde Silver
  • Tapped her base using Alfaparf #Colorwear (Vegan, PPD, MEA, Ammonia, Silicone FREE) 20 g 7.12 + 5 g 5.1 w/ 50 g of 5 v. 10 mins
  • Overall gloss is Colorwear 10 g 10.13 + 10g 10.02 5g + 9.12 w/ 50 g of 5v 10 mins
  • Finished with Pureology Nanoworks Gold

Bolt says Lovato’s hair transformation has been getting major attention, but that she’s heard fans of the style say they feel like they can’t pull off a daring statement look. “My response is always to get out of that mind frame,” she says. “Be the change. And own it.”

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