Things are getting warm and cozy in the run up to the holidays, so why not turn the heat all the way up on hair? 

Crazy Color Sponsored Stylists, Jessica Phillips and Mikey Ferrer Jr show off two very different warm-toned looks using Crazy Color Semi Permanent shades.

Witching Hour by Jessica Phillips, @jessicaphillips_hair 



  • For the base: shades Violette, Candy Floss, Marshmallow + Cyclamen. 
  • For the ends: shades Orange, Fire, Anarchy + Caution. 

Christmas Is Coming by Mikey Ferrer Jr, @mikeyferrerjr



  • Graphite, Vermillion Red + Candy Floss 

Step 1: Wash with UltraViolet Shampoo to pre-tone

Step 2: Blow-dry 

Step 3: Use shade Graphite for the blonde pieces to make them extra icy 

Step 4: Take big vertical sections on the top half of the head, and alternate using Vermillion Red and Candy Floss

Step 5: Rinse red sections separately to ensure there is no bleeding onto the blonde, then rinse everything else with cold water

Step 6: Be sure to use the Rainbow Care conditioner

Step 7: Blow-dry and style! 

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