Winter is here and so is dry, indoor air.  As we spend more time at home, skin, scalp and hair can all start to feel the effects of forced air and heating systems on high.  The result? Hair that is harder to style, and more prone to breakage.

A new launch from celebrity stylist, salon owner, and educator, Marco Pelusi, Marco® Collagen Hair Reconstructor, is being introduced to help restore damaged hair and makes healthy hair stronger. 


Marco Collagen Hair Reconstructor is formulated from naturally occurring silk collagen, sourced from silkworms, which is uniquely suited for the repair of damaged hair thanks to the size of the molecules of the collagen amino acids.  Its bonding ability means it only takes 2-3 minutes for Marco Collagen Hair Reconstructor to start the repair and restore process.

After the treatment (which is delivered as a foam), hair has increased volume, strength, style-ability, shine and color longevity. 

 Marco Collagen Hair Reconstructor features and benefits include:

  • Natural citric acid balances hair pH and serves as an antioxidant to prevent premature color fade.
  • Natural coconut-based ingredients repair and condition.

Applied after shampooing, with excess moisture squeezed out of the hair, a few pumps of the foam should be distributed throughout the hair.  A daily conditioner should be immediately applied on top of the foam, and then rinsed out after 3-5 minutes.  This can be a daily routine, and applied after each shampoo.

As part of a special introductory offer, the 8 oz. size is available for $36.00 (Full retail is normally $45.00) at


Marco Pelusi is an award-winning, globally recognized leading hair-color authority, renowned platform artist and educator, salon owner and fashion-forward celebrity hair-colorist. Quiet and discreet, the Marco Pelusi Hair Studio is located on the second floor at 636 North Robertson Blvd, Suite B, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

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