We know your priority is to give your clients high quality coloring. And now, more than ever, the pressure is on to provide that quality as quickly as you can. So, what can you do today to speed up your color-treatment services tomorrow?

Schwarzkopf Professional is giving you the gift of time with IGORA® COLOR10, a 10-minute permanent color solution to get your customers in and out of the salon quickly. And with cool, multidimensional, minimalistic shades IGORA® COLOR10 will keep your clients coming back again and again.

Thanks to the Amino Acid Carrier Technology, which acts as an express carrier, color pigments can penetrate the hair shaft faster, while still providing up to 100% white hair coverage. The IGORA® COLOR10 10-minute development time is perfect for walk-in clients, clients running behind schedule, last minute color choices, and those who want to receive color treatment but don’t want to wait for it. Plus, it allows you more convenience and flexibility for express services as you plan your bookings.


The IGORA® COLOR10 full line includes 19 fashion shades with up to 50% white hair coverage, 13 natural shades with up to 100% white hair coverage, and 2 SPEEDLIFT+ shades that provide up to 4 levels of lift, all in as little as 10 minutes. Intermixable, the color combinations are endless, and all 34 shades are ideal for root- or overall touchup services, color placements, and speed blending, not to mention global application, for short to medium hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional has developed two new in-salon services to showcase this IGORA® COLOR10 portfolio. The Color Grading look focuses on color accents, and is created with a soft gradient, free-hand technique. It’s recommended that stylists use deeper tones for the regrowth area and blend a lighter tone in the mid-length to create a visually balanced style. The Shine Halo look is multidimensional, created by blending three formulas and applied to organic sections of hair, working back to front. The treatment can be customized and adapted for the client’s hair length, density, and style.

Whatever your client’s color needs, IGORA® COLOR10 will help you create the perfect shade in a fraction of the time and allow you to get customers in and out of your salon faster than ever.

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