…don’t forget that there were gifts too

…don’t forget that there were gifts too

What a year. The world as we know it has changed forever! This pandemic has created feelings of isolation, fear, exclusion and loss of perspective as many of us continue to navigate these uncertain times. Whether you’re a student, stylist, salon owner, make-up artist, facialist, manicurist, artist or educator, this year has left an unfathomable imprint.

There were some silver linings; many of the activities, people and simple pleasures we once took for granted were rediscovered and helped keep us sane.  As we approach 2021, we must create a strong positive mindset to move forward in a healthy way, reflect on the positives and create new positives.  With the right mindset, a crisis can be viewed as an opportunity to learn, especially when we come together to learn from each other. When we compare and share, inevitably new stories are created, innovative solutions develop, and relationships deepen. It’s called growth!

With all the uncertainty and anxiety about our families, businesses and our own wellbeing, many of us found comfort in knowing that we are blessed to be in an industry made up of extraordinary people with tremendous compassion for each other. This positive thought process will guide us into 2021 – we must be present with every client in the chair – our goals, strategies and the other people in our lives. We must be humble, kind and give thanks.

When a crisis happens, it brings out the best in all of us and reminds us that we are an amazing community full of love and support. And we at Sam Villa are here for YOU!

Our mission has always been to elevate the industry and motivate and inspire all hairdressers.  We had to evolve in a time of lockdowns and restrictions to bring virtual live education to the industry and began with a new educational series called “The Show Must Go On.”  We then began to understand that the laptop is the new classroom and created hour long virtual LIVE series to stay connected – “Mannequin Monday” and “Transformation Tuesday”. We also introduced “Wellness Wednesdays” with Andrew Carruthers, well known as an amazing educator, he is also a certified Life Coach, and his techniques for staying heart-centered and present in the moment have been helpful for thousands of people during this pandemic.

This year we all had to look for inspiration in the challenges we faced, and it wasn’t always easy.  My team and I promise to continue to evolve and provide education through our social platforms and LIVE appearances at shows, because that’s what we do. We connect and educate – and never stop learning as we go. 

Interacting with so many people around the world this year was a gift that would not have happened in any other year, and we are truly grateful.

As one of the hardest hit industries of this pandemic – salons closing, hairdressers out of work, rigorous restrictions, financial struggles – it became an important economic and lifestyle story for the world. I’ve never felt a greater need to reach out to friends and call for unified action to support our industry. Hairdressers supporting hairdressers and uniting with no brand boundaries or egos to provide LIVE look, learn, and listen education to support the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund was a must.  X-Presion, Robert Lobetta, Matty Conrad, Larisa Love, Anthony Mascolo, Tabatha Coffey, Matt Swinney, Chelsea Vonne James, Marco Arena, Mark Busto, Antoinette Bender, Sonya Dove, Ruth Roche, Candy Shaw, Vivienne Mackinder, Gerard Scarpaci, Ammon Carver, Ludovic Beckers, Chris Baran, Chrystofer Benson and Stephen Moody all agreed to came together for a “Socialathon” in the name of love to support our beautiful industry. It was a very special event that I will always cherish, and it wouldn’t have happened in any other year.

Events in 2020 also highlighted the reality that we had not always been as inclusive as we thought. Comprehensive professional education must respect ALL textures of hair. Our Fabric of Change event was the first step to opening our platform and becoming more inclusive. We, like many companies, are looking at our business structures, marketing, and most importantly our education, to ensure inclusivity is a priority. We must change perceptions of hair texture and use education to bridge the divide to educate hairdressers on all types of hair texture.  There is much work to be done, and it won’t happen overnight, but we start now to contribute to ensuring lasting change going forward for our brand and for the industry. I am grateful this happened this year.

Things change, people change, but it doesn’t mean that we should block out the past.  Acknowledging the challenges and treasuring the learning experiences are the seeds of growth.

So, although I bid adieu to 2020, I want you all to know that the Sam Villa team will always be here to support the industry, #ArtistsSupportingArtists, #SalonsSupportingSalons and #BrandsSupportingBrands.  We send heartfelt wishes for you and your family to stay safe and be well…and we hope that your life becomes all that you want it to be in 2021!

Hugs all around!


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