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DS Labs Holds First Distributor Meeting

Jan Hillenmeyer | February 19, 2013 | 1:59 PM
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Daniel Khesin (center), CEO of DS Laboratories, with Evan Feingold (left) and Jeff Hagler of Paramount Companies.
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Jon Shakour of Essential Salon Products with Daniel Khesin.
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Karl Sweis of Sweis, Inc. with Daniel Khesin.
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From left: Daniel Pickus, vice president of sales and marketing for DS Laboratories and Brian Hendricks, director of education.
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From left: Adam Wexler and Ian Wexler of Beauty Craft; Mike Hicks of National Salon Services and MacDonald Kennedy of Exclusive Beauty Supplies.
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DS Laboratories, manufacturer of hair stimulation and growth products recently held its first meeting for its national network of distributors. The conference allowed DS executives to share company news and celebrate a year of outstanding growth.

The meeting was hosted by DS Laboratories’ CEO Daniel Khesin and included presentations by the company’s global sales and marketing director Daniel Pickus and national education director Brian Hendricks.

Highlights of the meeting included reports on two of the company’s technological innovations in the hair thinning and growth categories.

DS Laboratories’ Spectral DNC-S is an advanced formula of botanical compounds that deliver proteins and enzymes to nourish and stimulate the scalp. The product is available in a dual chamber system that separates the compounds until they combine in a spray during application. Spectral DNC-S was developed to target a range of hair thinning issues, including later stage hair recovery for both men and women.

The company’s Spectral DNC-N contains the company’s proprietary ingredient Nanoxidil, which safely targets more than a dozen hair-loss triggers for men and women.  The meeting also included a review of Revita LT Hair Stimulation Shampoo for blonde and light colored hair.

Khesin discussed “New Technology and the Future,” reviewing scientific advancements and also announced that DS Healthcare Group, including the DS Laboratories division is now listed and traded on the NASDAQ Exchange.

“Our obsession is to push the envelope of what is possible in current biotechnology to offer the latest and most ground-breaking solutions for hair stimulation and growth,” said Khesin. “It is the foundation of all we do and it takes an enormous effort in research and development. We’re very proud to offer salon products that out-perform and surpass client expectations including those sold through physicians. It is gratifying to see that Revita and Spectral products have become a major revenue source for salons, helping them to expand their retail options as well as truly helping their clients with products that work. We feel that we can now change what was considered impossible as recently as 10 years ago. I can say with confidence that if hair thinning and loss are caught in the first five years, we can usually completely restore and help people grow back their hair.”

Among the attendees at the first nation distributor meeting were  Shazad Razman  and Shapar Razman of ABCO Salon and Spa Services; Max Wexler, Adam Wexler and Ian Wexler of Beauty Craft; Jon Shakour of Essential Salon Products; John Leone and MacDonald Kennedy of Exclusive Beauty Supplies; Doris Tan of International Beauty Services, Canada; Ken and Brittany Kahler of International Beauty & Supply; Anthony Cox of Modern Salon Services, Mike Hicks of National Salon Services, Steve Cohn of Premier Beauty Supply; Karl Sweis of Sweis, Inc., Salon Services; Keith Wykle and Brandon Robertson of Twin State Salon Supply; Evan Feingold and Jeff Hagler of Paramount Companies and Rick Hakim of Windsor Beauty Supply. Visit. Visit

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