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THE OSCARS: Naomi Watts' Wavy Upsweep

Lauren Salapatek | February 26, 2013 | 9:03 AM

THE OSCARS: Naomi Watts' Wavy UpsweepWearing a shimmering Armani Prive dress, actress Naomi Watts was an Oscars "stunner" from head to toe at the 85th Academy Awards. If you would like to duplicate the look on your clients, prior to creating the updo, loosely curl all the hair (if starting with straight hair) with a CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. This style works great with wavy and curly textures, says Anna Cantu, CHI Creative Artist. Here are Cantu's steps below on how to re-create Watts' upsweep:


Step 1: Section hair into three sections (two sides and back) with U-shaped back section. From the back section, drop out 1/2 inch behind each ear.

Create low pony with remainder and twist up into a messy bun and pin. *With every upstyle it is important to create a foundation so make sure to secure this tightly with pins.

Step 2: Divide front into five sections. Starting with the two small sections by the ears, pull each section back and twist securing under or around the bun.

Step 3. Take top section and divide it with a diagonal part. Take the back section and tease and loosely twist back and pin.

Step 4: Take front section, tease and rake fingers through for a tousled look and spray for hold.

Step 5: Pull out tendrils by ears for a whimsical, messy look. Spray with BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Hair Spray to finish the look.

What do you think of her wavy upsweep for the awards?

THE OSCARS: Naomi Watts' Wavy Upsweep

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