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THE OSCARS: Amanda Seyfried's Picture Perfect Updo

Lauren Salapatek | February 28, 2013 | 9:40 AM

The beautiful Amanda Seyfried was picture perfect at the Oscars in her custom Alexander McQueen gown and perfectly coiffed textured upswept style. Sexy Hair stylist Marc Mapile gives us the low down on how to achieve her Sexy look.

THE OSCARS: Amanda Seyfried's Picture Perfect Updo


STEP 1: Prep hair by lightly misting Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Beach Spray and doing a rough blow dry to add texture, enhance wave, provide volume and give an undone finish.

STEP 2: Once dry, section the top profile in a U-shaped parting. The side profiles are sectioned off into diagonal back partings that extend behind the ear, leaving the back profile out.

STEP 3: Beginning at the back profile, part hair horizontally right above the occipital bone in a zigzag pattern and place into two ponytails.

STEP 4: Apply Sexy Hair What a Tease to the ponytail closest to the nape and back brush for an expanded texture that will give width to the design. Using a hair net, attach a hair grip to the net and place the grip at the base of the ponytail.

STEP 5: Repeat the same step for the ponytail above, only this time leave out a section (which you will not backcomb) which will be used to conceal a cushion later on.

STEP 6: On the top and side profiles, apply Big Sexy Hair Powder Play to give volume and texture to the design and support the backcombing. Backcomb the top profile and finger smooth the top and side profile to back and attach to the top ponytail, which leaves the ends out.

STEP 7: Using the ends of the hair, sculpt your chignon over the cushion and attach with grips below at the ponytail base. The rest of the loose ends are then used to sculpt the bottom ponytail in the same manner.

STEP 8: Detail out additional texture/frizz by rubbing hair with a chamois and finish of the design by lightly misting Big Sexy Hair Spritz and Stay to lock in that red carpet look.

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