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Celebrity Hairdresser Claudio Lazo Reviews the Oscars Red Carpet

Claudio Lazo | March 1, 2013 | 9:15 AM

“The Red Carpet for the 2013 Academy Awards saw a lot of takes on Chignons or waves.”, says Claudio Lazo, owner of C The Salon in Studio City. “Not a lot of high-glamour, more messy but ‘stylized’. Very etherial and textural. Many of the actresses took heed from this past runway season. ‘Stylized messy-ness’.”

And The Winners Are.....

Celebrity Hairdresser Claudio Lazo Reviews the Oscars Red Carpet






















*Charlize Theron – “She looked like an amazing statue, as sleek and moderne’ as the award statue itself. She looked like a goddess and gave the epitome of what “Hollywood Glamour” should and will always be. Everything from her dress, makeup, poise and her hair. Her pixie-ish cut brought to mind images of classic stars like Audrey Hepburn. It was glamorous with the right amount of of ‘umph’. She was head and shoulders above the rest.

Celebrity Hairdresser Claudio Lazo Reviews the Oscars Red Carpet

*Jennifer Lawrence – “I loved how she wore her hair pulled back. Of this style seen on the red carpet, hers was the best. I also liked how she went with the “back” jewels. It gave an amazing accent to her open back dress and to her hair. Her bun/chignon was textured with a fun hint criss-crossing, tucking and loosely pinned. Very feminine, romantic and elegant. It was great seeing someone so young, who is new to the scene, capture the look so well. She is a breath of fresh air among the young Hollywood set, because she chose to give elegance over an overt attempt at ‘sexy’. She steered clear of the young “Hollywood Club Scene” starlet look.”

Other Notables:

Stacy Kiebler – “I admired her take on a messy chignon pulled up on the back. It gave an air of 1930’s glamour. Styled in that fashion but not ‘too’ styled. It worked perfectly with her Art Deco patterned dress.”

Nicole Kidman - “I liked what she did with her hair. It was a take on a classic and easy style; done but not too done. The tendrils that framed her face had just enough curl to give it a little playfulness and adding to the effect. And again, the messy chignon tucked at the back was perfect.”

Naomi Watts - “She gave the perfect ‘glamorous’ just-out-of-bed look! Pulled to the back with just enough body at the top. The texture was perfect having the look of running her fingers through it as it was pulled back, giving the effect of being loosely pulled with separation at the top.”

“Hollywood would not be Hollywood without those who dare to step away from the norm. They are artists with their own visions. However, with the Academy Award ceremony representing what it does, there is a level of respect that needs to be acknowledged.”, says Lazo. “There are ways you can show your individuality, yet still respect the circumstances”.

Helena Bonham Carter - “She never fails to surprise us and we look forward to seeing what interesting things she will do with her hair, dress and makeup. I liked what she did for the red carpet. She had a cool and quirky ‘Vivienne Westwood-ish’ look. Groovey and edgy but not deserting the glamour of what the Oscars is all about. The style fit her personality and gave us the ‘glammed’ version of what we expect to see from her.”

Kristen Stewart - “Such an attractive and talented actress, and a great representative of what ‘young Hollywood’ is about. However, I wanted to see more glamour from her for an event like the Oscars. It’s cool to show your rebelliousness in your everyday dress, but for stellar events like these, I was hoping she would spruce it up a bit more in terms of her hair. It was too ‘everyday’ hair. Classic events are classic events and should be respected as such. You do not want to stray too far from the norm because movie fans all over the world are looking at this event to see the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. They can see the ‘everyday you’ celebrity when they read the weeklies.”

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