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HOW TO Help Clients Stretch Color Visits Professionally

Maggie Mulhern | March 20, 2013 | 6:21 AM

It's any colorist's worst nightmare...your client, in an effort to "stretch" her visit, grabs some box color from the grocery store and does her own touch up. DIS-AS-TER...for everyone. Not only is there ultimately color mismatch, but the result usually ends up in banding and general yukiness. Even worse, it WORKS and the salon has lost that client forever. Let's face it: many clients HAVE to stretch their visits and it is the job of the salon professional to help them do it as professionally as possible, and keep them coming back.

Several consumer outlets now offer temporary root touch up products. They're not bad, but ideally that consumer should be buying the product from the salon, with advice and direction from the colorist. Many salons now sell some of the more professional touch ups directly to the client. It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise when on a visit to the new offices of Alterna in NYC, Modern learned that the company now offers the "2 Minute Root Touch-Up".

Karrie Fonte, Alterna's Director of Education, loves it. "It's mineral make up for your hair," she says. "You apply just like you would apply a foundation. It's a great way to take the edge off. It's a great way to keep you client from messing up your art and work."

The liquid product comes with a built in brush applicator, offers complete coverage and shampoos out.

In this demo, Karrie shows HOW TO apply 2 Minute Root Touch Up and shares why she thinks its a product that every salon should offer and carry.

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