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Olez's New Products: Essence of Youth, O2 and NutriFuze

Lauren Salapatek | March 22, 2013 | 1:27 PM
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(From Left) MODERN's Web Production Editor Stephanie Junca, MODERN's Associate Editor Lauren Salapatek and MODERN's Midwestern Sales ManagerKatharine Cook
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Essence of Youth
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Professional hair care brand Olez recently treated MODERN employees to try out their three new products. Each of the products, Essence of Youth, O2 and NutriFuze contain restorative properties to help repair the hair.

See for yourself the results!

Olez's New Products: Essence of Youth, O2 and NutriFuze

About the new products:

In the same manner that BOTOX and other cosmetic procedures smooth wrinkles, Olez’s Essence of Youth is formulated to smooth away imperfections in damaged hair. This treatment ‘turns back the years’ by removing damaged accrued over years of chemical processing, heat styling and natural elements. This product repairs broken hair fibers, and gives hair a smoother look while restoring strength.  

O2, a unique oxygen therapy that detoxifies the hair and scalp. When applied, oxygen is released and removes all impurities from the hair and scalp followed by an infusion of essential nutrients and oils.

For clients with fragile, dull and nutrient-deprived hair, Olez promotes NutriFuze, its third new product. NutriFuze contains a cocktail of exotic ingredients blended to restore hair that is damaged from excessive blow-drying, color and lifestyle. For more information visit or call 800-251-2479.

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